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Hello, and welcome! Now that you're here, the question remains; who is ClearVision Photography? 

My name is Job Damessous, lead photographer of ClearVision Photography. I was born in Haiti, but reside in Naples, FL, having lived here for 19 years. I have a passion for God, ministry, people and photography. My love for photography goes back a few years, dating back to high school after seeing my cousin take a few pictures of me with her camera. From that day on, I was deeply inspired and the rest is history!

Now, I long for capturing the special moments of peoples' lives; wedding days, senior portraits, maternities, engagements, and everything in between! Nothing seems more special than capturing those special moments, and being able to frame them into memories to last a lifetime!

Here at ClearVision Photography, it's not just portraits, and it's not just a photoshoot; I work to provide a portrait experience, promising friendly and professional service. Your photo experience with me matters, and nothing says you're satisfied than the smile from ear to ear or the texts saying you love your pictures!  

With that being said, feel free to breeze through my website and portfolio, and I'm hoping to have an awesome photo experience with you soon! God Bless!

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On Instagram: @_clearvisionphotography // @jobdamessous7

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"Capturing moments and framing memories to last a lifetime."


Thank you for showing interest and looking into ClearVision Photography!

Now that you've made it here, it's good you know exactly what I specialize in!

To put in plainly, I love portraits. Ranging from portrait sessions with families, high school seniors, maternities, newborns, engagements, couples, weddings, and events, I love to capture the memories you'd like to last a lifetime.

So if I've still got your interest and attention and you would like more information including pricing, or have any other questions, feel free to contact me and I will do everything I can to answer your questions.

I'm looking forward to hearing from you!

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